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“Top ten things that Vikings would be doing today,
if they were still around”
by Laeknir

10. Corporate raiding and making hostile takeover bids.

9. Marrying outside of their racial sub-group.

8. Riding Harley-Davidsons and wearing black leather.

7. Giving their best buds a black eye every now and then, when they really deserved it.

6. Getting tearfully nostalgic for the "good ol' days"when they could just kill people who bugged them.

5. Watching WWF on late nite TV and rooting for Razor Ramon.

4. Stuffing themselves on spicy buffalo wings, sardines, Burger King Bacon- Double- Cheeseburgers, and lite beer (gotta watch the midline).

3. Hanging out in seedy bars, trying to impress the local bar-fly, cheering for 'da Bears!, and starting fist-fights.

2. Buying Heavy Metal and Acid Rock CD's, like Bathory and GWAR,
because there are subtleties you just miss on standard cassettes.

1. Frequently posting bail.