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A Child's Long Road Home
by Kris M.

A young child's mind,
Intrest kindled within by old tales
Stirrings of memories
Of days long past.

Names that are familliar
Though new to these young eyes
Blood stirs, A call is heard
but then forgotten

Many years pass
This child raised
In the church of her family
Something not feeling quite right

Always in the back of her mind
Though the old Names had faded
Was the distant memory
That things had once been otherwise

School days come
History a favorite treat
Lessons of religions lost
Wishing those gods weren't dead and gone.

A girl grows older
Remembers old tales read in childhood
Longs to learn more
Of these brave bright beings.

What of the god
She asks her teacher
With one eye
And Ravens twain?

What of he
With the fiery red beard
Fearsome hot temper
Hammer wielded in hand?

These are Norse
Came the teachers reply
Gods of the Greeks and Romans
Are all I teach

Yet still this girl
Almost a woman
Longed for stories
Of the gods from the North

A bright day dawns
a joyful relevation
These gods aren't dead
Quietly their followers gather.

Happily this girl
Set aside her family's faith
Boldly trods a new path
And yet finds no satisfaction.

Who is this Lord and Lady
Of whom they all speak?
How can the claim all dieties are one?
When each is unique?

As time passes dicontentment grows
The call is heard once again
A light was kept burning
To show her the road.

Tears in her eyes, head held high
She follows the way
The red haired Thunder God
Shows her the road home.

A woman now
Folk soul burns within
Seeking greater knowledge
Of Aesir, Vanir and kin

One eyed god of wisdom,
Of poetry and war,
Your kin gather together
By your side forever more.