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The Markland Ásatrú Assembly is home based in Boston/Cambridge MA, and welcomes ÁsatrúaR in the New England area. We are dedicated to the practice of the religious, spiritual, magickal and cultural philosophy of Ásatrú.

Markland Ásatrú Assembly functions by mutual accord between the participating households at regular Things, Feasts, Blots and Sumbles in the Germanic tradition. The Assembly is comprised of individual households as well as larger groups, all of whom may become participating members of the Assembly.

The Marklander philosophy summed up briefly is: we are Ásatrú: Odinic, Nordic, Eddic, Runic and Germanic. We include the study and practice of Anglo-Saxon and Gothic traditions as well as Nordic. We are not pagan, wiccan, kaballistic, satanic or part of any other non-heathen cult. While we are not engaged in hostile activity toward them or any other non-heathen religion, we work to maintain our dedication to our own tradition, Ásatrú.

The Markland Ásatrú Assembly recognizes that we have ethnic roots in our religion of a folkish or tribal nature, the same as many other religions (such as Judaism or Shinto); however, we have no restrictions regarding the ethnicity of converts to Ásatrú, except that they renounce all other religions and devote themselves exclusively to the practice of Ásatrú. Markland is apolitical and does not accommodate any political agendas; "-isms" have no place in our practice. We are not bound to any narrow-minded concepts of ‘political correctness’. We oppose any expression of racism, especially by neo-Nazi “Aryans”. We also respect the right to privacy of association within each hearth or steading.

The emphasis in Markland is on creativity: in Runekraft, writing and poetry, arts and crafts, history, mythology, languages, magic, martial arts and music. We especially honor the Odinian ideal of the pursuit of wisdom and encourage members to read, study and produce work which will reflect that pursuit. One of the mainstreams of our work in Markland is Runic; we are devoted to the religious, spiritual, magickal and divinatory workings of the Runes. We are publishing the Marklander newsletter Ætterly and an annual Journal for the purpose of publishing the results of our work.

We require no oaths of personal loyalty from our members; it is understood that once joined with us that certain shild will obtain and honorable behavior according to the 9 virtues will be the rule. We especially agree that the frith will be maintained among us. Our oath of troth is to rely upon loyalty freely given among friends.

Markland Ásatrú Assembly is independent, and not officially affiliated with any other Heathen organization. We maintain friendly relations to those Ásatrú organizations which are in general agreement with us. Each member or household is free to join and affiliate themselves with any organization they wish, as long as it is in agreement with the guidelines of the Markland Ásatrú Assembly.

Markland Ásatrú Assembly holds Ætterly feasts, blóts and sumbles. We will plan and sponsor workshops and other gatherings as deemed appropriate. We plan to be represented at regional and national Ásatrú gatherings when it is possible to do so. We exist primarily as a means of networking and sharing of the lore that is the heart of Ásatrú. For those in the area who wish to participate as members, an annual fee of $10 is asked; this includes a subscription to the Marklander newsletter. For a free sample of our newsletter, or to get for information, please contact:

Markland Asatru Assembly
Lavrans Reimer-Møller
PO Box 398118
Cambridge MA 02139
or email lavrans@

We also maintain a Marklander email list; join us at: