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Marklander Journal
Volume VII - 2001

"On Clergy: an Editorial Rant" By Lavrans Reimer-Møller

"A Rebuttal on the Concept of Clergy, In Relation to the Ásatrú Movement" by: Mike Smith

"In Defense of a Clergy" by Brian Smith

"On Constructing and Deconstructing Heathen Clergy" by William Bainbridge

"Seith and Shape Shifting" by Diana Paxson

"Modern Heathen Poetics #1" by PiparskeggR

"Race & Ethnicity in the Old Norse World" by Rorik Radford

"Tafl—The Noble Game" by Aluric

"In-depth Spae Experience " by Yngona

"Folkish" by PiparskeggR

"The Identity of the God Ríg from the Eddic Poem Rígsthúla" by Sagamaster

"Folkish Universalism: A New Vantage Point On Troth" by Daniel J. Fontes

"Heaven" by Brian Smith

"The Northern Cosmos and the Human Body" by Joel Hopkinson

"A New Yule Myth" by Swain Wodening

"Poem: "Son of Lightning" By Mike Smith

"A Case for Katla: Commentary on Chapters 15-20 of the Eyrbyggja Saga" by Hnikar Wood

"2 Poems"- by Andre Mendes

"On Borrowing and Not Tru" by Diana Paxson

© Markland Á A 2001